Write a paragraph about a hobby


Write a paragraph about a hobby

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    1,Listening to music is my hobby. I started this hobby 4 years ago. My music taste is nightcore music. I often listen to music when I’m free or when I’m doing housework. I love listening to music!


    My hobby is reading. I often read books, read stories, and many other knowledge books that I think are enjoyable in my spare time. I really know the benefits of reading habits. It can help me get all general knowledge about any topic. objects, space, plants, human achievements, aquatic animals, and many other fascinating things about the world. I love books a lot and I think books help people learn more.



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    As you know, there are many interesting hobbies. But I really love reading books. Books has many useful and exciting things. So many people love reading books. Books has many kind like comic book, science book, english book, math book, etc…Reading book help us know more about the country we live or the others. It helps us learn more knowledge in each subject. Besides, reading book helps us discover many beautiful and lovely places. It’s a good way to learn many new things we can’t know if we don’t read books. I love it very much. Sure, I will continue it in the future.

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