Write a paragraph about the following topic: Should students be allowed to use electronic devices in class? Viết về advantage và theo 3 lợi ích này


Write a paragraph about the following topic:
Should students be allowed to use electronic devices in class?
Viết về advantage và theo 3 lợi ích này giúp em ạ:
1.Help study
2.relax after stressful class hours
3.in emergency
Chỉ cần 3 lợi ích này là đủ ạ

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    *** Nên

       I strongly support the use of personal electronic devices in learning because we can’t miss its definite advantages.First of all, they can be used for both research and study purpose. Students can access Internet to download data and store information and textbooks, which save amounts of money for paper books and timeThis also means their backpacks are lighter but contain bigger data.Secondly, modern technology tools improve their study results because of a wide variey of useful learning applications on smartphones, laptop, tablets and other media players such as dictionary, spelling, translation, pronunciation and other apps. These apps are not boring but exciting them with colorful designed-courses, funny methods and attractive contents. Furthermore, students can study any time, anywhere as long as their devices are connected to Internet. Last but not least, smartphones help students communicate with each other or relax by listening to music and playing games when they are bored or tired of studying. All types of entertainment are now combined in a small portable equipment, which is convenient for the owners to relax anywhere.  In conclusion, personal electronic devices bring more benefits than harm to students. I suggest that teachers allow and encourage the use of these devices in learning both inside and outside of class.

    *** ko nên

       I do not support the use of personal electronic devices in studying because I see many disadvantages of them.
       First of all, electronics distract students from learning. Many students can play games, text, chat and cheat on their smartphones and tablets. They can access the Internet, type questions and find answers.Second, when students use the Internet, they access inappropriate information, videos and photos, spend hours reading and watching and forget about their projects and assignments.Last but not least, students can take embarrassing pictures of others, share them on the Internet or use them to extort money or make others do anything for them.The conclusion is, personal electronics can do more harm than good for a newborn. I recommend that teachers ban or limit the use of students in classrooms.



    Elexctricity is one of the most important thing for human life now.And so does in school,we use it to light up the light bulb,make the fan spin and it also necessary for electronic devices…Electronic devices is a great tool for students at learning.If there is a hard question that we couldn’t answer,we could search it on Google.Another advantage of electronic devices is helps students relax after stressful class hours.We could play game to relax to just listen to some cool songs.And the biggest advantage of electronic devices is in the emergency situations.Imagine your legs have been broken,you will need a smartphone to call ambulances.Or maybe you your tempature is too low after playing in cold weather,you will need a heater to warm up your body.For all taht reasons,I think electronic devices should be allowed for students to use in the class.


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