Write a paragraph about your activities on Sunday (about 150 words)


Write a paragraph about your activities on Sunday (about 150 words)

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    On Sunday there were a lot of events that I cannot forget. First thing in the morning, I get up early at 5 o’clock, wash my face and brush my teeth for 5 minutes, then I have breakfast for about 15 minutes with dishes like rice, fish sauce, vegetables. Next I dressed properly, went to the supermarket to buy some things and went to the comic store to read a book. At around 10 noon I go home, cook for my parents, feed the chickens and then go to bed. In the afternoon, I teach myself to do the exercises given by the teacher and the advanced exercises for the English team. After that, I went back to the city to play with my friends. in the evening I go to a music event in the city and then go back to bed


    The last weekend was really interesting because i did celebrate the b’day of my close friend.I planned the party for him along with my other friends so we reached at his place by 11:45 because we were thinking to give him a surprise so we rang the bell of his door exactly at 12 in the night to give him a surprise.He was really happy by our surprise and we could easily see that on his face, after cutting the cake at his place we went out for night out.We were doing fun till 5 A.M in the morning then we all dropped him at his place and came back to home. So i slept around 6 in the morning woke up by 1 PM fresh n up myself and get ready to go to the market along with my friend for her shopping and we went for movie as well.I came back home by 10 PM in night, had food with my family and went to sleep by 11:00.

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