Write a paragraph to talk about the topic ” parents are our first teachers in life”


Write a paragraph to talk about the topic ” parents are our first teachers in life”

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    From the moment of birth, our first step, our first sentence, our first writing exercise, there is always the silhouette of our parents there.Parents are the ones who teach us the first babbling sentences: ‘Daddy, Mom, …’, shaping each word, teaching us to know yes, to adults, be gentle to children, Teach me to say ‘sorry’ every time I do something wrong and ‘thank you’ every time I get help. First human lessons, without parents, no one will teach us that, parents are the first teachers of each person.Parents are the ones who teach us what good and evil is through fairy tales, they teach to love those in difficult circumstances, not to shun those with dangerous diseases, to embrace those. disadvantages in life, know how to differentiate between right and wrong, know how to stand up for right, always live to the fullest because of dreams and passions and avoid the temptations of life.Parents who are adults, when faced with difficulties, can still come to learn life experiences, advice and support forever. So you can say parents are our first teachers in my life.


    Parents-  The first teacher of all children. The first teacher who taught me to say love, three, mother … teaches me the skills of cycling, sweeping the house … Parents are also the ones who teach us to be humble, to be patient and wait for the opportunity. , know when to ‘hold on’ to receive ‘good’ but also must know how to rise up when needed, not in a hurry but not in a hasty, slow pace. Parents teach to take the word ‘ring’ as the first word, the word ‘mind’ as the root so that we can live well in the life after that. This life is full and fulfilled, no matter how big they are, children still need to be instructed and instructed by their parents, learning is never redundant and learning from their parents is never enough. Parents are their children’s lifelong teachers.

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