write a short paragraph about the changes in my countryside in viet nam #nocopy Help me!!


write a short paragraph about the changes in my countryside in viet nam
Help me!!

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    – I lived in a mountain village. My parents often tell me stories about their life in the past. It’s not much like a village I can see nowadays. Some villagers now live in brick houses instead of earthen ones. Our houses are better equipped with electricity fans and TVs. Thanks to the TV, we now know more about life outside our village. We don’t use oil lamps anymore. We have electric lights which are much brighter. More villagers are using motorcycles for transport instead of riding a horse or walking. We – village children – no longer have to walk a long way and cross a stream to get to school, which is dangerous in the rainy season. Now’s there a school nearby. We also have more visitors from the city. They come to experience our way of life.

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     I was born and raised in a poor village in the northwestern mountainous area, so the living conditions of everyone in my hometown are also much more difficult than those in the lowlands. In the past few days, I and my hometown people are very happy and excited that the dirt road has been repaired and replaced with smooth and solid concrete.
     Every day, our students and the girls and uncles in the village have to cross a small dirt road to go to school and go to the fields. A small dirt road, some bumps on rocky ground make it more difficult for people to move, on sunny days, strong winds can drag dust clinging to clothes, the rainy season becomes muddy, very difficult to move. . We often walk to school, so when we go to school, our clothes often get dirty on the road, our shoes and sandals are stuck on the red soil.
     With the support of lowland volunteers, the small road in her hometown has been repaired, the daily muddy dirt road has been replaced by a smooth, clean and beautiful concrete road. The long road to school helps us to move faster, when it rains, we do not get dirty shot. The ladies and gentlemen who come home and bring back full rice trucks can also move carbon on the road without getting bogged down by dirt roads. I am very happy that my new road to my hometown is completed, this is a remarkable renewal of my homeland because it makes the movement of people easier. 

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