write an email (60-80 words) to your english pen friend about your school


write an email (60-80 words) to your english pen friend about your school

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    Hi Linda !

     I’m Ellie. Last week, I was give you a flower and a letter. Today, I was do a test in my school. It very difficult. My school name’s Le Quy Don Secounary school. It big and very pretty.  In the middle of the yard, have a the tall flagpole has a red flag with a yellow star. In our class, have a lot of flowers and have many table and chair. I love it very much.



    Hello everyone, my name is Nhu. I am twelve years old. Today, I am very happy to tell you about my school. My school is Nguyen Hue. It is in Quang Nam province. It is very beautiful and big. There are twelve classrooms and eight function rooms in my shool. My school has five hundred and twenty-five students and thirty-two teachers. Students in my school are very good. Our teachers teach very well. At school, I learn many subject such as : Math, Literature, English, Art, Music,…In Math lessons, I learn how to count. In English classes, I learn how to speak English. In Music lessons, I sing songs. In Art classes, I draw pictures. So on…In all subject, I like English best because it’s very interesting and important for me. At breaks, I have a lots activities : skipping rope, hiding and seeking, chatting with friends, so on…Each day at school is a happy day. I love my school very much. học tút nè :>

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