write an essay about advantages of giving cell phone to children


write an essay about advantages of giving cell phone to children

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      With the popularity of mobile phones now,  more and more children have their own mobile phones .Giving cell phone to the children has both advantages and disadvantages.the disadvantages is it takes children’s time for other outdoor activities. For example, by spending time on chatting and texting with friends, children may spend less time on studying. Additionally, playing games on smart phones places is considered to place negative effects on the development of children’s brains.it can make children lazier,do less exercises. Nevertheless, it is factual that having mobile phones also has many conveniences for both children and their parents. Firstly, it is an excellent tool for parents to manage and control their children. By letting children have mobile phones, parents can always check where their children are and what they are doing. Some smart phones support GPS tracking system which helps to detect any lies of children. Secondly, smart phones are good tools for studying especially foreign languages. They act as MP3 players so that children can listen to foreign languages anywhere. Smart phones also include electronic dictionaries which are very convenient for studying. Finally, mobile phones also help children to connect with more friends. By using mobile phones, children can keep contact with friends who live in far distances. Those relationships will help children with their career when they grow up. In conclusion, as many technology developments, mobile phones have both advantages and disadvantages effects on children. 


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