write an essay about the backround of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. ( at least 150 words )


write an essay about the backround of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. ( at least 150 words )

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    Bonnie Parker was born in Texas in 1910. She was short and good-looking, a bright student but she got bored, left school and got married at the age of 16. However, the marriage wasn’t happy and didn’t last long. Clyde was a year older than Bonnie, his parents were farmers but they didn’t own the farm and they were always short of money. His parents finally gave up farming and opened a petrol station in Dallas. Clyde had a job but also started shoplifting and stealing cars. In 1930, they met and fell in love immediately but the police arrested Clyde a few weeks later and he went to prison for two years. In 1932, when he came out of prison, in the middle of the Great Depression, there were huge numbers of people looking for work and very few jobs. Unable the find work, the young couple joined the gang and started a career of crime. On April 30, Clyde shot a store owner while they were robbing it. It was the first of 13 murders. After that they continued to rob and steal across a certain States, they often changed cars by stealing a new one. Clyde was a good driver and knew the road very well so it was difficult for the police to catch them. They had already killed a number of police officers so the police was determined to capture all kill the couple. Bonnie and Clyde frequently visited their families, the police knew this and set a trap, they waited for Bonnie and Clyde to pass in their car and then started shooting. The police fired 130 bullets at the car, killing the couple. Clyde was 25, Bonnie was just 23.

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    Bonnie and Clyde is a 1967 American biographical film directed by Arthur Penn, starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway in Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. The film stars Michael J. Pollard, Gene Hackman and Estelle Parsons. The text of the film was a pen by David Newman and Robert Benton. Although Robert Towne and Beatty contributed to the script development but were not credited, and Beatty was the producer of the film. The soundtrack is performed by Charles Strouse.

    Bonnie and Clyde is considered one of the first cinematic works of the New Hollywood era, creating a step for film history. The film broke many taboos in cinema and for the members who saved cultural feedback at that time, the work was compared to a “call to summon clothes”. [2] The film’s success and motivated various filmmakers to be more open to exploiting the violent and educational elements of their work. The film’s end is as iconic as “one of the deadliest scenes in film history”. [3] [4]

    Bonnie and Clyde two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress (Parsons) and Best Cinematographer (Burnett Guffey). [5] The remaining work of the first 100 movies was selected for preservation at the National Film Archive for its “cultural, historical and aesthetic importance” role. [6]

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