Write paragraphs about your favorite artist


Write paragraphs about your favorite artist

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    Art is to inspire people. To join him and experience vivid emotions, we visit theaters, art exhibitions, and galleries. Once I was fortunate enough to experience such aesthetic pleasure while my parents and I were in the Russian Museum. There, for the first time, I saw paintings by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. These oil paintings amaze me with their amazing beauty, and Shishkin has since become my favorite artist.


    In my spare time, I often listen to music, there are many good songs by many famous singers, but I like the best is Son Tung MTP.In the young music scene of Vietnam today, Son Tung MTP has many famous music works topping the music charts in Vietnam. However, few people know about his background as well as his personal preferences. Today I will introduce you to Son Tung MTP. Born in Thai Binh city, in his childhood, Tung often sang at the Thai Binh Children’s Cultural Palace and learned to play the organ. After that, Tung together with his classmates formed a group, named Over Band, began to compose and post his songs on a website specializing in the music field called LadyKillah. Tung became famous when he released two singles “The rain passed” and “Yesterday’s Em”, marking the beginning of his career. The first album in his career was the OST soundtrack album that year OST was released in 2014, and consisted of two singles, “Someone Will Come” and “Not That Kind” to achieve success. commercially large. In 2017, Son Tung M-TP received more goodwill recognition from the online community after releasing two singles in the first compilation album, “Lac Lac” and “This place has you”. Son Tung M-TP also released a compilation album M-TP in the same year.

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