Describe a happy memory of your family Cách bạn viết dài dài một tí cũng được, Thanks


Describe a happy memory of your family
Cách bạn viết dài dài một tí cũng được, Thanks

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    One of the most memorable day that had such a strong impression on me is my first trip with my classmates when I was 12 years old. After being announced that we would go on a trip to Cuc Phuong national park, all of us got super excited as it was the first time we had a long journey together. And that unforgettable day finally came. We set off quite early at 5.30 a.m. We were very happy and sang together on the coach.The weather that day was perfect for a long trip: sunny and windy, the air was pretty cool and comfortable. Three hours later, we reached the destination. Everyone felt a bit tired so we took a break and had a light meal. In the afternoon, it was time for us to explore the national park. But because of our excitement and curiosity, we ignored the tour guide’s warning and half of my class got lost in the forest including me. It was getting darker and we started to feel hungry and scared. We could only rely on the light from our mobile phone and could not call the adults because there was no reception here. Our monitor still stayed calm and told us to stay together before someone might come to rescue. It was really smart of her to use a lighter to create a fire to signal. The rangers quickly recognized the signal and came to our place, so we were able to get out of the forest safely. Seeing our teacher worried face, we really regretted for being so disobedient. We apologized her and promised that it would never happen the second time. Although getting into troubles, I cannot deny that we had the chance to learn many valuable lessons we are not taught at school and that’s what makes this piece of memory more precious.


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          A happy memory for my family was when we found out my grandparents had over came breast cancer . She had cancer a total of three times , and it was a different cancer each time . We were so happy when the doctor called to say she was cancer free . She was strong enough to beat the cancer , and as the family we helped her through it.
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