Homework: Describe a photo ( Writing) *Note:* Introduction: In this photo, I can see, The photo shows… Talk about the place: They are sitting in a c


Homework: Describe a photo ( Writing)
Introduction: In this photo, I can see, The photo shows…
Talk about the place: They are sitting in a café, in the city, in the mountains…
Describe position: On the right, on the left, in the middle of the photo, in the background, next to, behind, in front of…
Describe people’s age: They are in their twenties, they are about twenty… Describe people’s clothes: They are wearing… (use one or two adjectives to describe the clothes: pattern, color, material…)
Describe people’s actions: They are reading the newspaper, cooking…
Describe people’s roles: He is probably a waiter, a student…
Describe people’s feelings: He seems sad, frightened, happy…
Your opinion: In my opinion, the photo is very funny, sad, interesting…

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    My house has many pictures of natural scenery. But the picture of Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi capital is still the one that I like the most, watching it forever without getting bored. In the middle of the lake is the ancient Turtle Tower reflecting on the clear blue lake surface. Above are white clouds floating in the midst of the high sky. Looking beyond, the massive and splendid City Post Building is decorated with colorful floral flags. And there is the lipstick The Húc bridge, curving like a pattern, symbolizing the hand of a hospitable goddess, waving to us to visit the ancient Ngoc Son temple. The thousand-year-old temple roof is nestled under a lush tree branch. Looking at the painting of Hoan Kiem Lake, I imagined the legend of this lake, but not long ago, my father told me. “Once upon a time, there was a large turtle rising to the water surface, asking King Le Loi to return the sword to Long Vuong” so that the lake has been named “Hoan Kiem” from then until now. And perhaps that name, that legend will be passed on for generations to come. I wish that one day, I could stand on Bo Ho and admire the poetic beauty of a famous historical and cultural relic of the capital.

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    It is also important to correct the brightness of the photo, otherwise your picture will be too bright or too dark it will not be a good picture anymore. Or, depending on the shooting conditions at that time, you may be under backlight, underexposed, overexposed, or under ideal conditions. Adjusting the angle of the shot can also help you to align beautiful light in the image. Or, depending on the subject and the background, you have to increase or decrease the exposure while shooting. When you need to increase the exposure, you are shooting a beach, sandy beach, a snowy area, or a photo with a very bright background, when you need to reduce the exposure when shooting dark subjects, take a photo with a dark background , or capture a high-contrast object.If, unfortunately, when you finish taking a photo and you find that the brightness of the photo is still not good, then you need to use photo editing applications to adjust the brightness for the image until you like it.



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