How to take notes ? How to improve reading skills ?


How to take notes ? How to improve reading skills ?

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    You can split notes for easy

    → take the 7/10 pm reading of the page and make 1 large part, 1 small part

    → divide the big part, the right one is CUES (the sign), the left side is DURING CLASS (used to write the main words)

    → a small section below to summarize the main ideas of after-school lessons ~ Use the DURING CLASS to take notes during class.

     ⇒ in order to improve reading skills, it is advisable to read the international phonetic part

    ⇒ my own trick is to stay in a room alone and pronounce it out loud, or type difficult words online and hear how foreigners pronounce it better.

    ⇒The biggest way to improve my speaking skills is to communicate with foreigners to create reflexes when communicating. 

    chỗ này hơi dài nha @@



    Ques: How to take notes ?

    Method1 Taking Clear and Concise Notes You’ll Remember

    Method2 Using a Specific Note-Taking Method

    Method3 Listening Effectively for Note-Taking

    Method4 Reading Properly for Note-Taking

    Ques: How to improve reading skills ?

    Method1 Prereading

    Method2 Reading Intensively

    Method3 Reading Extensively

    Method4 Staying Focused and Motivated

    *Good luck!*

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