M.n ơi giúp mik với ạ mik hứa ctlhn 5 sao và 1 lời cảm ơn chân thành Topic 1: Talk about game/ sport you like most 1. Do you like playing any sports/


M.n ơi giúp mik với ạ mik hứa ctlhn 5 sao và 1 lời cảm ơn chân thành
Topic 1: Talk about game/ sport you like most
1. Do you like playing any sports/ games?
2. What kind of sports/ games do you do most often?
3. How often do you play it?
4. What others sports/ games do you play?
5. Do you belong to any clubs?
Topic 2: your house in the future
1. Where will you live in the future?
2. What will it be surrounded by?
3. What will it be like?
4. How many rooms?
5. What appliances might it have?
My future house will be a villa. It will be by the sea. It will surrounded by blue sea and tall trees. My future house will have eleven rooms: a living room for me to watch TV, two bedrooms for me to sleep, a gym for me to do exercise in the morning, a library for me to read books and stories in the afternoon, a kitchen for me to cook, a dinning room for me to eat food and drinks, 2 bathrooms for me to relax myself, a cinema for me to watch new movies and a music room for me to play the instruments in my free time.
In front of the house there will be a big garden with a lot of fruit trees and flowers. There will be a swimming pool and a large playground behind the house.
My future house will have solar energy and wind energy. There will have two robots in the house. They will help me to do the housework such as: cooking meals, watering the flowers, cleaning our house,…
I think I will live comfortably and happily in my future house. I hope my dream will come true soon.
Topic 3: envirinmental problem
1. What is the environmental problem in your neighbourhood?
2. Is it serious?
3. What are the effects of the problem to people?
4. What do you can do to reduce that problem?
Now there are many problems of environmental pollution such as water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution and deforestation but I think the most serious problem is rubbish.
The rubbish is not good for health and environment. We should reduce the rubbish in the activities daily.
Firstly, we need to reuse bottles of milk, juice…
Secondly, we can recycle the cans to make school things. We also recycle the paper boards to make useful things.
Thirdly, we open a book festival. We swap books, stories, magazines, newspapers with each other.
Finally, we use the reusable things such as: paper bags, reusable bags. So we do not need use plastic bags.
So we can protect the environment with some little actions. I think people can do it to have a better life.
Topic 4: TV programme
1. What is your favourite TV programme?
2. Is it interesting?
3. What channel is it on?
4. What is it about?
5. How often do you watch it?
My favorite TV program is Hello Jadoo – a famous program. I like this program because it is very funny and entertaining. It’s on HTV7 Channel at 5pm from Tuesday to Saturday every week. I always watch it . This program is about a cute girl, funny and intelligent but quite lazy and friends good-hearted, genial of jadoo. Through cartoon, I developed communication skills, perseverance and life skills. I wish cartoon will premiere viewers or more episodes and more meaningful.
Topic 5: favorite technology
Smart watches
Today, smartwatches are becoming more popular in the digital world. The first digital watch was invented in 1972 with the ability to store 24 digits and equipped with user-programmable memory. However, the latest smartwatches have many different functions that users can enjoy. First, they can connect to your phones from afar so you can send messages and access emails. During your flights, you can easily reply to your messages. Next, these smartwatches can help you update information like news and weather conditions. It is amazing that you can play music, go shopping online or book a flight with these small devices. In addition, you can also change the colour of watchbands to match with your clothes or suite your tastes.
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    *Thực sự thì mik ko hiểu bạn thực sự muốn chúng mik làm topic nào nhưng mik sẽ làm Topic 1 nhé ! 🙂

                                    TOPIC 1 : 

    My favourite sport is jogging.It’s an individual sport. It may last about at least 30 minutes or more,depending  on yourself. I always go jogging with my family but sometimes I go jogging only with my brother.Although it don’t need any equipment,I often bring some water and a towel.There are some reasons why I love it.First, I can relax after school. Furthermore, jogging is suitable for everyone include kids and the elderly so I have many happy times with my family at the weekends.Every sport has its own benefits,so does it .For me,jogging can not only make me more healthy but also helps me to improve my communication skill,so I can make some new friends when I go jogging. I go jogging in the afternoon everyday. Moreover, I often play badminton with my friends or my cousins.In short, jogging in particular and sports in general help us to stay healthy and live longer so playing sports regularly is very important !

    **Vote 5 ???? ủng hộ mik nhé,bạn hiền ! Nếu có góp ý hay thiếu sót gì thì hãy nói mik nhé :))


    TOPIC 1:

        My favourite sport is football. It’s a team sport. It usually lasts for 90 minutes with 2 havles-45 minutes for each half. There are 11 players in each team. It’s very easy to play because we need            only one ball and ground to play with. The players try to score by kicking the ball into the                      opponent’s goal. The team with scores more goals inthe winner. I usually play football with my              friends in the afternoon. I love football very much because it’s fun and goodfor health.

      1. Yes, I do


      3. I sometimes play it

     4. Volleyball

      5. I memorize the football club

    TOPIC 2:

       1. I will live by the sea

       2. It will surrounded by blue sea and tall trees

       3. It will like a villa

       4. It will have 17 rooms

       5. It might have solar energy and wind energy, two robots will help me  to do the housework


                     CHÚC BẠN HỌC TỐT!!!

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