Miêu tả điệu múa xòe bằng tiếng anh Cấm chép mạng


Miêu tả điệu múa xòe bằng tiếng anh
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    Today I’m going to tell you about the xoe dance, a traditional dance of the Thai ethnic group in VietNam. Thai people have followed this spiritual tradition for generations.

    The xoe dance expresses people’s working life and wishes for a happy and wealthy life. It is performed in both public and private gatherings such as celebrations, festivals, or family reunions.

    The xoe dance has more than 30 forms based on the first six ancient forms. The most popular form is the xoe vong or ‘circle dance’ because it expresses social unity. People, young or old alike, join hands to make a circle around the fire and dance to the music. Besides the circle dance, there are dances with conical hats, paper fans, or scarves.

    Old people say they shouldn’t break with this tradition because it reflects Thai culture and lifestyle. As a Thai folk song goes, without the xoe dance, the rice won’t grow and people won’t get married

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