viết 1 đoạn văn ngắn bằng tiếng anh nói về 1 chủ đề. (để mình kiểm tra nói) giúp mình với-.


viết 1 đoạn văn ngắn bằng tiếng anh nói về 1 chủ đề.
(để mình kiểm tra nói)
giúp mình với…..

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    My secondary school is a place that bears all the hallmarks of my childhood memories. It is placed in the center of my district. Surrounded by a paddy-field, it enjoys lined- trees and colorful garden, which creates a wonderful view. Moreover, this school was designed with a large- scale plan. It is a 2 storied building of u shape with capacity of 1000 people and it was invested heavily in infrastructures with well- equipped classrooms. In a good environment, students are given many precious chances to discover and develop their inner talents. Besides modern facilities, this school is also well- known for enthusiastic and qualified teachers who are always dedicated and devoted themselves to teaching career. In conclusion, studied in this school for four years, it has become an indispensable part in my lifle.

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