viết bài văn về mì tương đen bằng tiếng anh


viết bài văn về mì tương đen bằng tiếng anh

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    Black soy sauce noodle is a ” popular legendary ” dish that people of all walks of life and all ages love for it. With a simple recipe that gives a rich taste, “black soy sauce” is always the first choice of Korean people and especially for visitors to Korea.

    Many books and newspapers record that the black soy sauce noodles originated from the Chinese zhajiangmian fried noodles of the Shandong region in the Joseon Dynasty. Due to the time of Chinese introduction, the Chinese had a little influence on Korean cuisine. Later, when the society developed, Koreans developed noodles, changed to the right taste and culture, so black soy sauce noodles were loved by everywhere. “New”, “strange”, and keeping up with the “trend” right in Saigon, many places with famous black soy sauce noodles have appeared, attracting many young people, especially “genuine” fans of Korean drama. Black soy sauce is a very famous and delicious dish.

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