Viết đoạn văn ngắn (khoảng 70 – 100 từ) bằng tiếng anh nói về một sở thích của bản thân


Viết đoạn văn ngắn (khoảng 70 – 100 từ) bằng tiếng anh nói về một sở thích của bản thân

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    If my friends like to listen to music or watch movies, then my hobby is cooking. Most of my family’s meals are cooked by me. Every day, I buy ingredients after I get home from school and start going to the kitchen. During the meal I often cook many different dishes.

    I like to decorate my food beautifully. In addition to the dishes in my meal, I also like to make snacks such as cakes, candies, jam, … Whenever I do those things, I often share them with relatives and friends to enjoy. Everyone compliments me of my good cooking and I am very happy for that.

    I love to cook so I will constantly learn to improve my ability.


    I have many hobbies but reading stories is one of my most interesting interests and stories are always my best friends to accompany me when I’m free. Reading stories helps me improve my daily application. It contains many new and very useful stories. When reading I get the exercise of how we encounter it, we must patiently mimic and try to overcome all the difficulties and what I read for a long time. Reading also opens up a lot of new knowledge, such as understanding how we apply, knowing the story of Sherlock Holmes. I think reading is the most exciting indoor activity for me I have ever known.

    Chúc bạn hok tốt nha

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