Viết đoạn văn về một thảm họa thiên nhiên


Viết đoạn văn về một thảm họa thiên nhiên

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    Flood is one of the most dangerous disasters in the world. It’s the fact that every flood causes damage not only on property but also on people. Vietnam, the country with S-shape mainland located at Southeast Asia is affected severely by floods, especially int the middle of Viet Nam. Every year, there are about 10-15 floods coming into Viet Nam. The main reason is heavy rain with average annual rainfall from 1500-2000 mm due to its location. The influence of monsoon is also a reason that Vietnam has to be affected by storms and tropical depressions. Furthermore, being next to the sea, tides create floods in lots of regions which have poor drainage systems. Additionally, earth’ warming leads to the rising of sea level and deforestation have made the problem more serious. Floods destroy lands, paddy fields, houses, damage the facilities of middle areas. People lose their home and even lives due to floods. Although Viet Nam always support the local but it take time and right after they reconstruct their life, floods will be going to come again. To stop this, government are finding new modern solutions and giving precautions with warnings as soon as possible. I hope that in the future the Viet Nam will have a more effective solution and the locals in the middle areas will have a better life.


    There are many natural disasters in the world that have happened in countries around the world including a forest fire disaster in Australia.The incident happened in 2019 and it continued to wreak havoc on the country’s state of New South Wales until March 2020.In the disaster something very bad happened that burned more than 13 million acres and directly killed at least 33 people. However, the fact is that smoke suffocates at least 445 peopleThe reason was that the heat of the light burned the hay and the fire spread rapidly, damaging the helicopter before it took off again. This is the first time that a helicopter landing light has caused wildfires in Australia.This is a very horrible run and it even caused the functional forces to ban the fire.Natural disasters can happen suddenly, so we must learn about it to know how to avoid heavy material damage.

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