Viết đoạn văn về pokeamon bằng TA


Viết đoạn văn về pokeamon bằng TA

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    Hello! today iam want to tell you about my favorite film. There are a lot of types film but i like pokemon best. It’s an animation. 

    After turning 10, Satoshi was allowed to begin his journey in the Pokémon world and dreamed of becoming a Pokémon master. On the day he received his first Pokémon, Satoshi woke up in a panic, falling asleep. Professor Okido, a local Pokémon researcher, gave away three Pokémon, Fushigidane, Hitokage, and Zenigame, to the new Pokémon Trainers who arrived early before Satoshi finally arrived at Okido’s lab. The only Pokémon he left behind was a Pikachu, which he gave to Satoshi. Determined to do it on his journey, Satoshi tries to befriend Pikachu, but it doesn’t trust him and doesn’t even like his Poké Ball, even attacking Satoshi with its electrical powers. It is only after Satoshi protects Pikachu from an angry group of Onisuzume that Pikachu realizes how much Satoshi cares, leading it to save Satoshi. Later, the two see a mysterious and unidentifiable Pokémon, prompting them to work together towards Satoshi’s goal. Along the way, Satoshi befriends many people and Pokémon as he travels the world and participates in many Pokémon tournaments. Through the Kanto region, Satoshi befriends a water-type Pokémon trainer and is one of the four Arena Leader of Hanada City, Kasumi along with the former gym leader Nibi and Pokémon Breeder (who cares for Pokémon), Takeshi, and they all encounter the Ice Blast with a trio of Musashi, Kojiro, and Nyarth, whose goal is to steal Satoshi’s Pikachu and any other rare Pokémon they encounter. When the group travels to the Orange Islands, Takeshi decides to stay with the local professor, Professor Uchikido, so that Satoshi and Kasumi continue to travel together. After a while, they met and started traveling with Pokémon Watcher and artist Kenji. When they arrived at Masara Town in Kanto, Kenji decided to stay with Professor Okido and Takeshi joined the group. After that, the trio continued their journey to the Johto area. 

    In my free time, when i study at school, i alaways watch this film to relax. I study many good things from characters. However, i love this film very much because it make me feeling less tired after stressful lessons. What about you?


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