Viết một đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh về chủ đề công việc tình nguyện


Viết một đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh về chủ đề công việc tình nguyện

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    I want to raise funds for street children. I want to do it because we will be able to provide them with food and books.  They will no longer be hungry.  They will be able to read.  I will ask my friends to help me. We will make postcards and sell them.


    When we were in grade 12, my class and I did volunteer work in an orphanage.

    We started by setting out early in the morning, we went there with many toys and candies for children there. Those disabled children were left there by their parents, who were not able to grow them up. 

    Besides preparing candies and some drinks, we also organized some games with them. We cooked lunch by ourselves and ate with them. In the afternoon, we organized a music show with the performance of both volunteers and the children there. There were many laughs and handclaps during the presentations, which proved that we had a really funny moment. 

    Kids said that they want to meet parents but their parents rarely came to meet them or some of them don’t know who their parents are. So they always looked forward to volunteers coming and playing with them. They were so happy that day and so are we.

    We left late in the afternoon. They were grateful for coming there and we also promised to come back regularly. Leaving them behind, we nearly burst into tears, they are so lamentable. 

    This voluntary work made us understand that there are still many unfortunate lives in this world. Being a student, let’s study hard to build a better nation and help the country escape poverty.

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