Write a paragraph about a natural disaster that happening in Viet Nam that you experienced or heard about


Write a paragraph about a natural disaster that happening in Viet Nam that you experienced or heard about

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    Millions of people in the south of Vietnam live and work in areas at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea. Floods cause a lot of serious damage to people, houses and crops. Therefore, people living in flooding area should know how to prepare for floods to minimize their effects.

    – Check for local flood warnings if your area is at risk: look online or call Floodline.

    – Tune in to the local radio or television news for updates. Alert your neighbours, particularly elderly or vulnerable people.

    – Prepare an emergency kit, including emergency numbers, insurance policy, first aid kit, torch and water.

     – Use our home emergency contacts sheet so you have the numbers you need to hand, even if you lose power.

    – Have a list of irreplaceable items to keep safe and put important personal documents into a sealed bag.

    – Pack essential items you will need if evacuated – medication, clothing, toiletries and items for children.

    – Purchase unfilled sandbags and sand from builders’ merchants. Remember that, if there is a flood, demand may exceed supply – as people will rush to buy them.

    – Empty freezers and refrigerators, leaving doors open.

    – If you can, move any vehicles to higher levels.

    – If you have time, take photographs before you leave. This may help later with insurance claims.

    – Turn off the mains power and water, and take mobile phones and chargers with you. Put sandbags in toilet bowls to prevent sewage back-flow.

    – Shut windows, lock doors – and don’t forget to take your pets.

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    The most destructive disaster that I have experienced was the flood in 2012, in Thanh Hoa province. It had been raining heavily for many days. All homes, trees and animals were flooded. The water got to the roof of houses. Damage was caused to property and people. Many people were injured and died. Rescue workers helped people trapped in the flooded houses and they brought people who were left homeless to safe place. My house was flooded but we had been evacuated before. Although the time has gone by, I still can’t forget that terrible disaster.

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