Mình cần đáp án gấp giải nhanh giúp mình với 31. How many books ..so far?

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Mình cần đáp án gấp giải nhanh giúp mình với
31. How many books ..so far? A. do you write B. have you written C. did you write D. are you writing 32. It is dark ..opening the window and the door? A. Would you mind B. Do you like C. Why dont you D. Do you mind if 33. of the people are from America. A. Most B. almost C. The most D. Mostly 34. She to me for the accident. A. complained B. apologized C. accused D. explained 35. You shouldnt have bet the money .the horse race. A. on B. at C. for D. from 36. You shouldnt ..the bus when it still in motion. A. put away B. get off C. get up D. get down 37. She is such a good student that she gets a .every year. A. scholarship B. price C. fame D. award 38. We .of winds to create new people A. take advance B. in charge C. are on behalf D. in a hurry 39. I will travelling when I retire. A. take up B. take off C. turn off D. turn on 40. The shirt doesnt . you at all. A. suit B. match C. perfect D. join
41. A vaccine A. protects humans or animals from diseases B. makes people who suffer from a disease felt better. C. kill people D. prevents diseases from spreading. 42. Immunization is the process of .. A. administering a vaccine. B. protecting a person or animal from diseases. C. compounding medicine D. working together. 43. The first vaccine was developed to protect against. A. AIDS B. SARS C. smallpox D. cowpox 44. Who first invented a vaccine? A. Edward Smith B. Edward Jenner C. an 8-year-old boy D. a dairy worker
45. Jose talked with the children ..the afternoon A. in B. on C. at D. up

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