Liệt kê những thông tin về Alaska bằng tiếng anh (trên 10 ý , ko chép mạng )


Liệt kê những thông tin về Alaska bằng tiếng anh
(trên 10 ý , ko chép mạng )

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    – Alaska is a state of the United States of America

    – Southeast is the wettest and warmest place in Alaska, with mild winter temperatures and year-round high precipitation is also the only region in Alaska with average daytime temperatures above freezing during the months winter.

    – Many indigenous peoples occupied Alaska for thousands of years before Europeans approached the area.

    – They all suffered from the outbreak of smallpox in the community from the late 18th to the mid 19th centuries, the most severe in the 1830s and 1860s, causing many deaths and social disruptions.

    – Native Alaskan ancestors immigrated here thousands of years ago

    – The peoples of Alaska are often divided according to voices.

    – They show how to cope with the harsh climate and environment

    – The US Census of 2010, Alaska has 710,231 residents.

    – In 2011, 50.7% of Alaskan residents under one year of age belonged to minorities (ie not whites without Latin American or Iberian origin).

    – About 34% of Alaska’s residents are members of religious congregations.

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