Lưu ý : Câu nay thuộc về bài tương lai gần và tương lai đơn 1. Hoa(do)- her homework tonight 2. Minh(visit)-.his grandparents tomorrow 3. I(not/


Lưu ý : Câu nay thuộc về bài tương lai gần và tương lai đơn
1. Hoa(do)…. her homework tonight
2. Minh(visit)…..his grandparents tomorrow
3. I(not/go)…… fishing with his firends next Sunday afternoon
4. His mom(clean)…. the floor tonight
5. His mom(go)…. shopping tomorrow
6. They(play)…..marbles tomorrow
7. I(play)…..blindman’s buff tonight
8. We(listen)….to music tonight
9. Her sister(talk)….. in class next time
10. Her brother(walk)….in the park tomorrow evening

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    1. Is going to do

    2. Will visit

    3. Am not going to go

    4. Is going to clean

    5. Will go

    6. Will play

    7. Am going to play

    8. Are going to listen

    9. Is going to talk

    10. Is going to walk.

    Học tốt. Nocopy.


    1.is going to do

    2.will visit

    3.won’t go

    4.is going to clean

    5.will go

    6.will play

    7.am going to play

    8.are going to listen

    9.will talk

    10.will walk

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