Talk about the sunny weather. (Make a short paragraph about this)

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Talk about the sunny weather. (Make a short paragraph about this)

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  1. I love all the seasons but I think my favorite is summer beacuse it has sunny weather. Usually, sunny weather. Usually, the weather is usually sunny in summer so I will describe focusing on summer. Summer starts at the end of May in our country and lasts till the middle of August. The temperature is hot both day and night. One of the best things about summer is students can take a long rest to play and go to the beach or study some skills that they like. Summer in Viet Nam is very beautiful with the bright red of phoenix flowers all over the streets and schools. I have a lot of beautiful memories with summer and I like it very much!

  2. @Holliwood#:

    You know, the sun is a very important thing for us. How much sunshine brings our happiness, our joy too. Sunny days are beautiful. Those sunny days give us a lot of beautiful scenery to look at and enjoy. It’s fun, right? In addition, in the countryside, it is also very happy when it is sunny because it gives them vitality and energy to work during the day when they go to the fields. Sunshine is very good, right? But when the sun is hot, people will ignore the sun because it makes them angry, hot skin and everything, so they get irritated and do not want to be sunny. Sunshine is very beautiful to me, it is wonderful because it makes me happy. That’s why I don’t hide or hate it because it is my friend. Love the sunny! My sunshine !!!

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