Being isolated from the external world due to the rugged ranges of the Himalayas, unique ways of life have developed in Nepal. Nepal rises from almos

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Being isolated from the external world due to the rugged ranges of the Himalayas, unique ways of life have developed in Nepal.
Nepal rises from almost 60 meters to 8848 meters above the sea level. This extreme difference in the height above the sea has made the climate of country completely different in various parts of it. So the people living there, in order to adapt to the climatic changes have developed their own ways of life, their own customs and traditions.
Many people, who are born into a higher social class in Nepal, called higher-caste people, are vegetarian or eat no meat other than goat. Rice with lentil soup and vegetable curry are often the main dishes in urban areas or among the rural upper classes. The middle castes eat goat or chicken when they are available, and occasionally eat water buffalo. Hindus do not eat beef, and Muslims do not eat pork. Meat is usually consumed no more than a few times a month and then in small quantities.
In most homes, men and guests are served first, followed by children, then women. Chopsticks
are used in some northern districts, but elsewhere food is eaten with the hand. Because of the Hindu
principle of jutho – ritual impurity, food is not shared from the same plate or eaten with the same
utensils. Higher caste Hindus are careful that their food is not touched by people outside their caste or
religion; food prepared by any caste lower than one’s own is considered jutho and cannot be eaten.
Therefore, at social gatherings involving more than one caste, the Brahmans, who are the highest caste,
prepare the food.
Question 29 : What is true about the Nepalese ways of life?
A. They have the same lifestyle as other countries in the world.
B. Their ways of life are similar to the Westerners.
C. The ways of life in Nepal are like no others.
D. A & B are correct.
Question 30: Which of the following is NOT a reason why Nepalese have very unique customs and traditions?
A. They are separated from the world by the Himalayas.
B. They are influenced by the rest of the world.
C. The country is very high above the sea level.
D. There are different climates across the country.
Question 31: What is true about higher-caste people in Nepal?
A. If they do eat meat, they only eat goat. C. They never eat meat.
B. They eat pork in small quantities. D. They occasionally eat water buffalo.
Question 32: In a Nepalese home, which of the following people would be served food first?
A. children B. guests C. women D. old people
Question 33: According to the text, which of the following would NOT be accepted in Nepal?
A. Food eaten separately on different parts. C. Food prepared by the Brahmans.
B. Food touched by people from a lower caste. D. The highest social class does the cooking.

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