Tả bố bằng tiếng anh( không chép mạng)

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By Alice

Tả bố bằng tiếng anh( không chép mạng)

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  1. My father is a person I admire most. he devoted a lot of time and energy to the upbringing of my two brothers and I. he always tries to get on well with people who live next door and help everyone when they are in difficulties, so most of them respect and love his.   when I encounter some difficulties,

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  2. In my family, I like father very much because he is very hard working and kind. My father is tall and he has a black eyes.In the afternoon, he is usually play badminton with me then he is teach me english. my father usually help everyone in the house with the work. Dad also helps neighbhood.I very love my father.

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