viết 1 bài văn TA về chủ đề tự do , ko copy trên mạng ý nhiều văn hay

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viết 1 bài văn TA về chủ đề tự do ,
ko copy trên mạng
ý nhiều văn hay

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  1. in my house, there are 4 people who are:dad,mum,sister and me.My dad is 39 years old.My dad has short, black hair and very long legs.My dad loves to play sports such as soccer, basketball, … .My mother is 37 years old.she has long, black hair and an oval face.Mom’s hobby is cooking,everyday, I enjoy the food my mom cooks and it’s delicious.My sister is 13 years old.My sister has long, black hair.My sister’s hobby is reading English books very much.I’m 11 years old.I have short, black hair.My hobby is playing badminton a lot.I competed with many people but they couldn’t beat me.I love my family very much.


    trong nhà tôi ,có 4 người là :bố,mẹ ,chị và tôi .bố tôi  39 tuổi .Bố tôi có mái tóc ngắn,đen  và đôi chân rất dài.Bố tôi rất thích chơi các môn thể thao như bóng đá, bóng rổ, … .Mẹ tôi  37 tuổi.mẹ có mái tóc dài,màu đen và khuôn mặt trái xoan.sở thích của mẹ là nấu ăn,hằng ngày ,tôi đều được thưởng thức những món ăn mẹ tôi nấu và nó rất ngon.chị tôi 13 tuổi.chị tôi có mái tóc dài ,đen .sở thích chị tôi là rất thích đọc sách  môn tiếng anh.tôi 11 tuổi .tôi có mái tóc ngắn,màu đen.sở thích của tôi là rất thích đánh cầu lông.tôi đã thi với nhiều người nhưng họ không thắng được tôi.tôi rất yêu quý gia đình của tôi 

  2. Cho bn vài bài tham khảo

    Bài 1 : Một buổi đi sở thú

    What’s up everybody , my name is …Last sunday, i got a high score so my family went to the zoo together . When i got to the gate, i saw a flower garden with many different colors. Animals and birds are raised in an iron bar. Inside the zoo, i saw a tiger, some elephant and funny monkeys. Tiger with soft body, flexible, very beautiful color. Their eyes were  bright and rampage. About 10 monkeys  kept a cage . They love to eat banana so i gave them some banana, but the guard told me not to feed them course I stopped feeding them. The trip ended happily and brought me useful knowledge about animals. 

    Bài 2 : Công việc tình nguyện

    Hi everybody! Last sunday, i went to my primary school, near my school has a river. I was disabled because the river is too dirty! It was full of rubbish and emty bottle . It gave of an unpleasant smell and made me cover my nose while passing. So i decided to invited my friends to clean up the river on sunday afternoon. Scavenging was not easy, it was smelly, dirty and tired . During the work, we always wear a gloves and masks. After we finished, we gasped and felt happy because we did a good work. The river was cleaner and we have received a lot of praise from everyone .Thanks for listening!

    Bài 3: Sở thích của bạn

    + Bơi

    Hi everybody, today i’ll talk about my hobby, my hobby is swimming because it makes me healthier and stronger. I start my hobby when i was 7, my dad toke me to the swimming pool and i tried to swim but i couldn’t so i praticed it a lot and now, my hobby is swimming. My dad shares it with me. My hobby is easy because my hobby just need to be patient. But there are people who are very afraid of swimming because they are afraid of the water. At first, I was scared of drowning, but now I’m not scared. In the future, i want to be a swimming athlete.

    + Hát

    My hobby is singing, i started my hobby when i was a child. My aunt shares it with me. My hobby is easy because my hobby just need a nice voice. It’s very popular, exciting and it helps me relax . In the future, i’ll continue to sing.

    + Học Tiếng Anh

    What’s up every body! As you know, English is an important language, so my hobby is learning English. I usually watch English film or listen to English music to improve my skills. My parents always encourage me to study English because most of the big companies now need English. My dad also good at English so my study become easier. All you need is be patient and hard-working! I think all of children should learn English when they were a child. I wish my country will develop. Thanks for listening!

    Bài 4 : Giới thiệu bản thân mình 

    Hi everbody, today i’ll introduce me. My name’s is…(tên)…My full name is..(tên đầy đủ)…I’m…(tuổi)..years old, My school’s name is…(tên trường)…I am in grade..(khối mấy)…I have a blonde hair and black eyes. I’m the tallest girl in my class .My hobby is learning English because English is a important language. I usually learn English when i have freetime so i’m good at English. Thanks for listening!

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