Viết bài văn tả con mèo bằng tiếng anh !!

By Delilah

Viết bài văn tả con mèo bằng tiếng anh !!

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  1. My family has a lot of familiar animals: dogs, chickens …. but maybe cats are my favorite animals. The cat, named Mi Mi, is very cute. Mi Mi is the name I gave you from the first day you were brought home. The cat is a present for the 10th birthday gift of her father’s sister. Remember the moment when I was happy when I picked Mi Mi from my father’s hand on my birthday.

    The cat is a female, so the coat has three colors: white, black and yellow with white as the main color. Wearing a three-color coat, Mi Mi looks very prominent and “pretty girl” more special. The cat’s eyes were like two marbles, very fast and sharp, but also sparkling like a glittering star in the sky. The mustache sides are long and soaring. The curvy tail is always moving and looks very mischievous.Under each leg is a very soft cushion of flesh, hidden under the pink flesh is the very sharp claws of the cat, which is considered a powerful weapon specific to cats. Mi Mi is very mischievous and agile, every time she catches a mouse, she is rewarded with a fish – Mi Mi’s favoriteIn addition, the cat is very delicate. Just a small sound was enough to make her cat wake up, widen her eyes in a wary position and her ears pricked up to listen. Look cute! Mi Mi also has a hobby of heating the sun, on days when the sun shines, the living room window is always an ideal place for the cat to enjoy sunbathing and “posing” for herself. In addition, he loves climbing, the areca tree in my garden is an interesting amusement park that satisfies that hobby.

    Mi Mi now seems to be an indispensable member of my family. I promise to take good care and care for my lovely cat friend.

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  2.     Meo ! Meo ! Meo ! It was the cry of my cat Mi-Mi, given by her grandmother about a year ago, now she is very old.

         Mi-Mi is a calico cat, as big as my calf. The whole body is covered with white, black and yellow feathers. Thanks to careful care, Mi-Mi’s body is very fat and beautiful. Her head is about the size of an orange. Big ears like a mushroom prick up, very audible. Her eyes were small, round like marbles. Her eyes were round at night, very bright and sparkling.
         The nose is like a small protruding knob, pink, very good at sniffing. The mouth is small, but when it snarls, its small, white, pointed teeth look very scary. Above the mouth is white mustache, short neck, attached to a slim body. The tail is a bit short, the size of a big toe. Her legs are tall, ribbed, and underfoot are sharp nails, Mi-Mi’s gait is very light because there is a meat knob underneath.

         Mi-Mi is very obedient, gentle, and attentive to mice. Cats love to climb, run and jump. He used to climb on windowsills or on rooftops to heat the sun. Once I watched Mi-Mi stalking the mouse. It lay still in the corner of the kitchen, curled up, staring intently at the side of the pantry. It patiently stalks for a long time. A mouse appeared. The cat rushed out, grabbed the mouse with sharp nails, moved away to eat.

         My cat is very useful, in addition to destroying harmful rats, he also contributes to protect food. I love Mi-Mi so much, I see her as my baby, when I have free time I often play with her. Every day, I usually feed her well, sometimes catch lice and lice and bathe her clean.

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