viết 1 đoạn văn khoảng 70 đến 80 từ về ước mơ của mình (về vẽ tranh nhé)????????

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By Isabelle

viết 1 đoạn văn khoảng 70 đến 80 từ về ước mơ của mình (về vẽ tranh nhé)????????

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  1. From a young age, I had the dream of becoming an artist when I grew up. That is the dream that I cherished so long.

    Ever since kindergarten or elementary school, when I see pictures, paintings depicting beautiful moments, portraits of someone, I have felt that creation is wonderful and talented. Whenever I see a beautiful moment in my life, I want to draw it into a picture. I want to know what those real scenes look like under the pen, under the palette in the pictures. In the subjects, I especially love art. As a child, when I was learning to color in kindergarten, I was always attentive and careful little by little so that the colors wouldn’t get caught out. Whenever I have free time from school or time, I redraw ideas that I originally imagined. It can be said that at first my parents did not know that I had a special interest in painting. I like and collect magazines and books with articles or art illustrations. From drawing by book, I started to draw things I see directly outside. Start by drawing a portrait of your parents, drawing your grandparents, then drawing the whole family, drawing your own house. Since then, I like to look at the scenery and people around to use it as the subject of my paintings. At first, the paintings were primitive and not considered beautiful. But teachers and friends often praise me, making me very happy. Every day I know a lot more interesting and fascinating about art and love it more and more. In addition, I also like to read books about painting, read manga and imitate drawing characters in comics. I like to draw

    Gradually, my paintings became clearer and more beautiful than before, which is why my dream is to become an artist in the future.


  2. My childhood dream was an artist, because I loved to draw and I could come up with thousands of ideas within minutes. When I was 5 or 6 years old, I really liked drawing and I asked my mother to let me learn to draw. He also praised me for my beautiful painting, at that time I felt very happy. When I got home, I took out paper and color to draw again. I drew so much that I used up a set of colors in a week. I spend most of my free time drawing. While my friends are playing in the yard, I sit in the house drawing. My mother also told me to go out to play, but I brought the paintings out to draw. Because I used color so quickly, my mother stopped buying it for me. And by that time I had used up all my pocket money to go shopping. You see, I really like to draw. And I’m chasing my dream

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