Viết về lợi ích của việc học tiếng anh Ko cop mạng

By Reese

Viết về lợi ích của việc học tiếng anh
Ko cop mạng

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  1. 1. 1. Help you to go away and learn.

    English is the official language of more than 53 countries and regions, so it very important

    2. There are many job opportunities.

    This is an opportunity if you want to work in a company with good conditions, high salary and stable environment.Regardless, if you work for a Japanese company, or any other multinational, you know English and use it fluently.You will still be given priority

    3.  Update knowledge sources from around the world.

    3. Promote career.

    You work in any industry, then improving your professionalism to present yourself as a professional employee is indispensable if you want your boss to notice.

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  2. English has been an international language for a long time, and I am also one of the million people who try to master it. It is cannot be denied that English is a very useful tool for communication, but I think I get more benefits than that. First, English helps me to be more confident as I have to talk a lot if I want to be good at speaking skill. By learning English, it is not just my confidence is improved, but I can also develop my presenting as well as communicating skills. Second, English offers me a bright way to access to the world, and my mind has been opened widely since I learned it. I read more books, watch more TV programs and know more news, and all of them are in English. I developed a habit of reading so that I can both learn new words and gain more knowledge at the same time. Third, my mentality has been brought to another level thanks to English. After many classes of debating, presenting and solving problem in English, I am now able to think of many different aspects of one thing. I see the world and everybody around me from different points of view, and it helps me to become a more profound person. I am still a student at the moment, but I have already thought of my future career. As we need to access more to the world, I think it is better for me to have certain skills in English so that I can get a good job. In my opinion, English is not just simply a language, but it also helps change a person in a more positive way. There are so many benefits that English can bring me, and I will always value them.

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