write on how you will wake the school green nhanh nha !

By Allison

write on how you will wake the school green
nhanh nha !

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  1. The everyday environment we live in is the house, the village and the school roof. In which, the school roof is the place where we learn and play together. In order for learning to be successful, we must build a healthy learning environment, so that our roof is truly a second home, the home of all of us. what to have a green, clean, beautiful school roof. Our school roof is beautiful, clean, we need to keep it to become more beautiful and cleaner.First of all, to keep the school green, we must plant and take care of the trees together. in schools. Every year, we must participate fully in tree planting sessions of the Youth Union. Together we will take care of and protect the trees on the school grounds. Trees must be protected and cared for, and flowers should not be picked and branches are broken. Especially the boys, should not climb the trees in the school. You also should not climb to break the flowers on the phoenix tree, the shrine tree … Our dear school roof will be ever greener if we all consciously care and protect the trees. Our class will have sessions to plant trees and take care of trees in the school garden and school yard.



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  2. My school, like many other schools, often organizes labor sessions or classes to clean the toilet, plant trees … contributing to building a green, clean, beautiful school. As usual, last Saturday a working session took place with the enthusiastic participation of students. It is a labor session focusing on the school and labor classes as assigned by the school. Each class does one thing, the class sweeps the school yard, the class wipes the furniture and the glass doors … Particularly, my class is assigned to water and take care of the flower beds. At the end of Friday’s class, the class representative assigned you to bring tools for the labor session, you bring buckets to carry water, you bring bags to hold grass … At exactly eight o’clock on Saturday morning the whole school was fully gathered, bringing the assigned supplies. You focus on listening to the teacher announcing the labor session’s plan for a while and then divided into classes, the class president takes attendance and we begin to work. You divide into small groups, then each group takes responsibility for a flowerpot, and how many flowerbeds there are, divided into groups. Each of you with a hand, pull out the weeds in the flower pots, then use a bucket of water to water. Although it was very hot and hot, but the students worked very enthusiastically, as did the other classes, everyone worked hard at their assigned jobs. When the work was done quite a lot, everyone was tired, we gathered and sent some friends to buy water and some fruit to take a break, almost every class, We eat very well. Cheerfully, the cool glasses dispel the fatigue. The classes also invited each other to drink water and eat fruit with their groups. After a break, everyone seemed awake and ready for the rest of their class. People are very active in getting work done quickly. Some classes have finished, then happily support the unfinished classes so everyone can take a break. All are happy to help but not be uncomfortable when they have to be part of the other classes. 

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